Things You Might Not Know About Cavities

We all know how scary the word “cavity” is. When you visit the dentist and you are told that you have a cavity, you immediately feel a mood swing which is not quite positive. The reason is that a cavity is an irreversible condition which usually occurs in the teeth of children. However, adults are also the victims in this regard. A cavity appearing in adult teeth is never a good thing.

Here, it would be worth mentioning a few things about cavities that you might not know.

There are many species of bacteria

You may find it interesting that there are about 700 types of oral bacteria. And even more interesting is the fact that most of these species are either helpful or harmless for oral cavity. There are only a few bad types of oral bacteria that actually cause harm to the oral health. You cannot get rid of those bad bacteria entirely. However, you only need to maintain healthy balance of bacteria. Streptococcus mutans is the most destructive oral bacteria that can lead to cavities. There are other types as well that are harmful.

Sugar is not the main culprit

You may think like many other persons that sugar is the main culprit that develops cavities. The matter of fact is that sugar is one of many factors which facilitate bacteria in building decay and cavities. Carbohydrates and sugars get attached to the surface of teeth and allow bacteria to release acid after they consume these sticky nutrients. This acid is what can result in tooth decay. In this scenario, you have to make sure that you have restricted the intake of these foods to the minimum and you brush your teeth at least twice a day to make sure that bacteria do not make a mess of your tooth enamel.

Cavity is irreversible

The scariest thing about cavities is that they are irreversible. Once the decay in your tooth is transformed into cavity, you will find it only progressing. Even tooth decay doesn’t get reversed on its own. You will have to visit the dentist to get non-invasive treatment for tooth decay. When it converts into cavity, you will have to undergo serious kind of treatment to get the cavity healed.

Flossing is very important

You will have to make sure that you floss your teeth every day if you want to prevent cavities. It can turn out to be an ounce of prevention that can save you from the tons of treatment which comes with its own complications. Flossing essentially removes food particles, debris and plaque from the hidden areas of teeth and interdental spaces.

Cavities can go undetected

While cavities are believed to be visible, they can actually go undetected in several cases. But this is also the fact that cavity is definitely felt when it reaches the nerves. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are preventing cavities by visiting the dentist. The dental visit can let you stay updated about the health of your oral cavity in general and your teeth and gums in specific.


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